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Clients include:

i-D Magazine, LAW, ASAI,

Christopher Kane, The Altered States, 

Daily Things Journal, The Face,

 JW Anderson, NTS Radio, Dazed & Confused

Artist Bio

Sarah Stedeford (1991)


Sarah Stedeford is a British photographer known for her authentic portrayal of people and culture, which has seen her collaborate with heavyweight fashion and culture titles, i-D Magazine and Dazed & Confused. 


Sarah works in a documentary style approach, with a portraiture eye. Her work transverses genres and rejects the fast-paced, perfected and falsified images that we have become accustomed to seeing in the digital era. 

Sarah seeks to capture the uniqueness of the individual, within the context of the community. Themes of rebellion and a focus on grass-roots activism run through her work. 


Sarah works in the darkroom with traditional processes, approached from a modern perspective. Celebrating the imperfections and the journey that comes hand-in-hand with the process itself. She creates every project with a dedicated, conscious and personal  approach, which runs from her casting through to her final hand-prints. 


Sarah was born and raised in south west London. Starting photography at school at 15, she welcomed the freedom the medium gave her. Going out, photographing her friends and seeing the magic of developing the photographs in the darkroom are experiences and inspirations rooted in the foundation of her practice. 


Sarah is based in Croydon, South London, the location of her on-going documentary project, Beautiful Croydon. 

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